The following list provides the journals published by the English department under the auspices of the Linguistics and Literature Association (LITA) and those recommended journals indexed by SCOPUS. 

Buletin Al-Turas welcomes contributions to the advancement and studies on Islamic history, literature, linguistics, applied linguistics, translation, culture, language, and library science written in English, Arabic, or Indonesian language.

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Adabiyyāt: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra invites scholars, researchers, and students to contribute their studies and research in the fields of language, literature, translation, and philology (Arabic, English, and Indonesian).
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Lingua, a journal founded in 2005, provides a forum for the full range of scholarly study of linguistics and literature. Embracing the field of linguistics and literature broadly defined, the editors warmly welcome articles, research reports, and conceptual paper addressing linguistics and literature.
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NOBEL: Journal of Literature and Language Teaching publishes articles on Literature, Language and Language Teaching from various perspectives, covering both literary and fieldwork studies. The journal puts emphasis on aspects related to language studies, with special reference to culture, literature, linguistics, and language teaching written in the English language.
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ELITE publishes articles based on original research and studies in the areas of English and literature. The coverage of English studies includes -but not limited to- English linguistics, language policy, translation and interpreting, English pedagogy, etc. Meanwhile, the coverage of English literary studies include -but not limited to- analytical studies of literary works such as novels, films, poetry, songs and drama framed by relevant literary theories, concepts, and ideas. In addition, ELITE also publishes articles based on interdisciplinary research and studies of other literary traditions with a special emphasis on local culture, local values, and local wisdom.
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CALL is a journal that presents Critical Analysis on Language and literature. This journal focuses on the analysis of text scrutinized by theories from linguistics, literary analysis, discourse analysis, to critical theories. This journal accepted the analysis of text of any language, especially, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic, English, indigenous and modern languages. The official language of this journal is English.
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Utamax is international journal publishing about education matters that covers a broad spectrum in education, aiming to build bridges between research and policy and to address issues of concern to the different levels and types of education, transversal topics and ‘big issues’ for policy agendas. This includes an active and on-going discussion of national and international education policy.
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