Linguistics and Literature Association (LITA)

The second Lita Forum was held in February 24, 2022, and hosted by UIN Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Thera are two speakers in this second Lita Forum, Itsna Syahadatud Dinurriyah, MA, English Literature lecturer at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, and Dian Nurrachman, M.P.d, English Literature lecturer at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. The discussion is guided by Hasbi Assiddiqi, M.A, a lecturer in English literature at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. Overall, the event went well and smoothly. And there are 35 person who attended in this second Lita forum.

At the Forum, the first speaker presented a discussion entitled "Masculinity and intimate Relationship: Bond's inexpressiveness in Quantum of Solace". It is explained how the masculinity of James Bond in the film Quantum of Solace is the main attraction of the film itself. While muscular masculinity began to be abandoned and replaced by intelligence and smart character, James Bond still relies on his physical strength and heroic actions in almost all James Bond films. However, it also explains how masculinity develops along with the times. Masculinity at the time when DR. No (the first Bond film) appears was very different than that of the masculinity of today, through Daniel Craig’s Bond. So that, it can be said that Daniel Craig' Bond changed almost all inventions in James Bond films. Furthermore, Itsna explain that, Quantum of Solace is the second instalment of Daniel Craig in Bond franchise after Casino Royale (2006). Bond's inexpressiveness in this film creates violence more than twice as Dr No (1962) and nearly three times as many acts of severe violence as any other film in the whole franchise (MacAnally, 2013). However, the narrative is dominated by 'Vesper theme' (Funnell, 2018). Vesper theme is described as a condition in which Bond broods and mourns his late lover, that indicates he continues to love her and remains deeply sad about his loss. it is considered as the proper sequel of Casino Royale for Bond's love to Vesper Lynn makes him ignores Camille Montes, the female lead in Quantum of Solace. This is the first time Bond falls in love in the franchise. Unlike the traditional Bond film formula (that always seduce the female characters), Craig's Bond posits Montes as a partner with whom he collaborates to defeat the villain; they never involve in romantic engagement.

While the second speaker presented his presentation entitled: "Islamic Poetry and Literary Realism" An Approach to Ibn Rushd's Literary Criticism. This section explains how Ibn Rushd's writing entitled Talkhis al-Kitab Aristutalis fi Al Shi'ir can be an approach to Islamic literary criticism. Furthermore, Dian explains that According to Ibn Rushd, “The kind of poetry which they call Elegy is simply an incitement to sexual acts, which they disguise and glorify in the name of love. Thus, children should be discouraged from reading such poems, and should be instructed and rehearsed in poems that encourage them to act with courage and generosity. For in their poetry, the Arabs instilled only these two virtues, of all virtues, and not only because they are virtues, but because through them high honor and reputation are acquired.” This discourse becomes very interesting considering that so far, we have analyzed literature with a Western literary criticism approach. This theoretical from Ibn Rushd can be applied in English literature classes.

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