Linguistics and Literature Association (LITA)

Saturday, February 13, 2021, LITA continued the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) which had been started since Friday (12/02/2021). The FGD, which was opened by the moderator, Dr. Siti Masitoh, was scheduled to discuss several important points, among others are, (i) determining the distinction among English departments under the auspices of LITA, part of ADIA, (ii) determining the minimum learning outcomes of graduates, and (iii) projecting future cooperation among English departments under the auspices of LITA or with other institutions outside LITA. This follow-up FGD was chaired by the President of LITA, Professor Zuliati Rohmah. The discussion began with a brief presentation by Dr. Meinarni Susilowati (LITA member and BAN-PT assessor) regarding the importance of distinction to provide distinguishing characteristics for each English department. The discussion became more interesting when the participants shared the problems and best practices related with the method of integrating Islamic values in the English department.

At the end of the FGD, the President of LITA encouraged all participants to work together to develop the English departments under the auspices of LITA, so that they were awarded the “Unggul” rank nationally, regionally, and internationally and produce graduates who are able to coexist in global competition and collaboration.

(Div. Infokom)

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